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 Selling Merc Stat, Guild member's base cost price (For Midas ONLY)

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PostSubject: Selling Merc Stat, Guild member's base cost price (For Midas ONLY)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:40 pm

Hey all,

I'm dabbling in the Merc Stat and Leaf Exchange market atm, and wish to give back to the guild that has helped me along so much.

Here are the current rates (as of Aug 2nd) of Statues on the market being vended/traded.

Sell: 3.75-3.8G
Buy: 3.6-3.65G

This means that the base cost of buying a merc stat through gold is about 3.6G. If anyone in the guild wants to buy Merc stats and turn it into profit through Midas, I'll be more than happy to sell it to you guys for the base cost of 3.6.

Note that I cannot do this in bulk, so be reasonable and do not demand for 100 Statues. Also, please use the statues ONLY for Midas and not for turning it around and reselling it at the market selling price, cos that would just be an arse move >=(. Midas rewards you 4-6G, so on average, it will give you 5G, meaning you’ll profit about 1.4G every time you run it.

Also, the number of transaction I can do will fluctuate with the market value and the amount of my asset is in Marc Stats. So if 100 guild members come and ask for 2 stats each, I will run out. (And be unable to make any profit -_-‘’)

Finally, remember that the cost/selling of even merc stat will fluctuate over the long run, so pls don't accuse me of cheating you if I tell you in a month that I cannot sell it to you anymore for 3.6G. Market rates people~

I'll keep you guys posted on the market rates and base costs of Merc Stats!

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Selling Merc Stat, Guild member's base cost price (For Midas ONLY)
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