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 First Guild Meeting Notes

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PostSubject: First Guild Meeting Notes   First Guild Meeting Notes EmptySat Jul 09, 2011 9:11 pm


First introduction is Sabrina or also known as Kat. Was the leader of Valiance guild who merged with End and now is a vice guild leader. Always open for you to speak up to her. Samsway is the new guild leader of End and wants to make a difference. ArucardDracula is an officer who's corps name is Elite Order of Mercenaries (EOOM) and likes to help out rookie vamps. On top of that, Fakie is another vice guild leader. Naglfar, Pinyari, Remorda and Spunkee are also guild officers.


Currently the corps are going to be used for the officer of that corps to put in new recruits to help them get on their feet and transition into guild. The status of the guild are as following, probationary which have low cont, honourable who are on their feet and going strong, member which is corps, officer who of course are those there to help, vice guild leaders the next best thing to guild leader.


We have a guild vent that can be used, the information is in the guild slogan and I will type it here too. Obviously if you found this than you know about the forum but I'll re-cap anyway. The forum is open to all guildies to post their thoughts and ideas, related to the game or otherwise. There are guides, introductions, instance area and so much more so please have a tour around. Also at some stage I will be trying to get a rewards system in for using the forums.

Vent info:

Base and funds:

The guild base has content that really helps at all levels, but mainly 50+. The guild base has guild base quests which you can pick up by the guild manager, each order you get gives you four quests. Make sure you get the extra quest which is Benefit: Construction which once you complete one whole order gives you even more exp and soul coins! A few of the other benefits of a guild base is free soul coins every week, cheap pots for level 50-60, crafting for level 5-6 cooking and alchemy, campfire which gives free exp (equal to 4 or 6 hours of afk exp with the double book), the extra awesome quests and so much more!

To be able to keep all these wonderful buildings and extra content we need to keep the guild base funds up which is under the base tab and Guild Capital. To get the funds we need to do guild base quests and/or base trade runs. So if you wish to keep the buildings and get yourself some nice exp and soul coins please try your best to do them, not asking all but at least a couple.


We want you all to come to us with any ideas or opinions you have about and for the guild. You can contact any of the officers through pm or mail in game, pm in forum and for those of us who have our email up there that too (in announcements). This is a guild made by you and for you, so please don't be shy and speak up.


The first many events to come so please check out the events section of the forum to see what you could win and have fun with!


We will most likely be having wars if they are requested. Though already some people are known to want them so it will probably be worked on. Fakie and ArucardDracula will most likely be in charge of it, so they will hopefully be giving out the details. Also there may be some dueling for practice and tournaments etc.

Gear bank:

We would like to start up a guild bank for gear so that we can help to gear everyone up. So if you get a good piece of equipment like a weapon, armor, offhand, rings, necklace and you'd like to help out to gear up the guild then please send it over. All items are to be mailed to samsway with a title that lets her know what's in it, ie. weapon, armor, bank item, bank piece, etc. This is basically a help your guildie, help yourself situation and we hope to see this take off, who knows there might be a piece for you!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the meeting and checking out these notes. This is only the fourth or so day of the new End, so please bare with us and everything we are trying to get up and running.

First Guild Meeting Notes Pbucket

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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Meeting Notes   First Guild Meeting Notes EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 6:09 am

-thumbs up-
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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Meeting Notes   First Guild Meeting Notes EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:53 am

we are always working to make everyone happy and comfortable in this guild
we are always trying to make things better for everyone
if you have any questions ideas commentes Please do not think twice just say
we are all the guild with out everyone of us there would be no End
so please speak up , let us know what your thinking use the forms speak your mind
just keep it clean and friendly
we are all in this together :))))

First Guild Meeting Notes Samswa10
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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Meeting Notes   First Guild Meeting Notes EmptyMon Aug 08, 2011 7:15 pm

For the beginning.
This is for sam.
He was being threatened that Banished would kick him, if he wouldn't stop talking to the few that left End.

First Guild Meeting Notes 2wrqdf5-1

Second, this is for the fact that Banished was being a creep and that he knows the person is a male IRL.

First Guild Meeting Notes Rg

Third, the last of the convo.

First Guild Meeting Notes Untitled-2

And for those who wish to know. I didn't rage quit. I didn't care about the Failed priest, and Grecko. If you really want to know, I was annoyed because I as the tank was not getting heals. And tanking was rather new to me, none the less. Grecko Decided to let me know "I love how people think tank is a lifeline." Well it is. If I was to die everyone of them, lvl 25-32 would have dropped health and died.

My reasoning for leaving. I don't like how Samsway is running the guild, and after tying things together and realizing Samsway isn't what I thought. ArucardDracula spent is time FOR End. Gave a lot to the guild and as an Officer was not appreciated or treated right. A few other officers would agree, I know that for a fact. On the other hand, Sorue. I did like you, I dont rage quit. The only thing I did quit was in fact LH with Mikhail, for the priest was failing her job and two others had decided to quit, I was going through something that would fail.

And for the fact Samsway was kicking Alts was fine. Had she been kick EVRYONES alts. And not just a few lower members.
On that note. I'm off.
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PostSubject: Re: First Guild Meeting Notes   First Guild Meeting Notes Empty

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First Guild Meeting Notes
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