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 A Little About our Base

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PostSubject: A Little About our Base    A Little About our Base  EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 9:25 pm

Our base is more then just our pride and joy.
It helps us in alot of ways.
:lower prises on hp and mana pots
:Recipes and tools that can not be gotten anywhere else.
:Quests that help you get soul gold and exp.
:Campfires for free exp.
So please use Your base to the full and enjoy it as a please thats our alone to meet and greet.
Others not in our guild pay to get onto our base 4s everytime they enter.
this includes campfires as well as trade runs.

The workings of the base are not hard.
When you do base quests you not only bring in base funds for maintaining the base.
You also bring in points for Cultivation, mana, faith, zeal.
All of these are needed to Build on the base.
When we build you get new places to gain in your craft.
The funds for the base are mostly importain with out these we would lose the base altogether.
Guild Capital this is what you and all guildies bring in with questing and trade runs on a daily basis.
The higher this number stays the better off we are.
Total Maintenance this is what we pay daily to keep our base. (this will go up after building)
This comes out of the guild Capital everyday.
Low Maintenance this is the number we never want to fall below in Guild Capital
If this was to happen first no one out side our guild could come to our base.
If it did not come up in a day or so we would lose the base.
So we push for everyone to do daily base quests to keep this number going up.

when we are building we push for everyone to do Construcion Quests the more of these you do the faster the building gos up :)))

These Quests come from the Construcion Manager please while we are building do these quests as much as you can to help the build go faster.
Remember the faster we build and the more base quests we all do the faster our base will be maxed out.

This is something that will helps us all.

Yes Our Base is Our Pride it is for Us All Enjoy it Work for it :))))))


A Little About our Base  Samswa10
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A Little About our Base  Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Little About our Base    A Little About our Base  EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 7:24 am

Quote from game: The base loves us :D
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A Little About our Base
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