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 Salute and salutations

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Salute and salutations Empty
PostSubject: Salute and salutations   Salute and salutations EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 12:57 pm

Dropping a quick line to introduce myself.

Hello, Im Abs (aka Absinthe). My play style has always been that of a full healer. Once I learn the skill set its what I enjoy the most out of MMOs. Im somewhat new to Forsaken World (21 days playing) and still learning things as I go along but Im not new to the healing game. Was one of the main healers for my guild in WoW for seven odd years. Enjoy helping out when I can and tend to drop everything for guild mates so if ya need anything give a holler. I do what I can when I can.

Im pretty quite for the most part but once I get to know folks I tend to never shut up. I also tend to play and kid around a lot so if I say something to upset or piss someone off I apologize before hand. Chances are thats the only one youll be getting =P.

Anyways if ya have any questions feel free to ask. I may or may not know the answers but Ill do my best to sound like I know what Im talking bout =)

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Salute and salutations
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