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 There it is.

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There it is. Empty
PostSubject: There it is.   There it is. EmptyMon Aug 08, 2011 7:14 pm

For the beginning.
This is for sam.
He was being threatened that Banished would kick him, if he wouldn't stop talking to the few that left End.

There it is. 2wrqdf5-1

Second, this is for the fact that Banished was being a creep and that he knows the person is a male IRL.

There it is. Rg

Third, the last of the convo.

There it is. Untitled-2

And for those who wish to know. I didn't rage quit. I didn't care about the Failed priest, and Grecko. If you really want to know, I was annoyed because I as the tank was not getting heals. And tanking was rather new to me, none the less. Grecko Decided to let me know "I love how people think tank is a lifeline." Well it is. If I was to die everyone of them, lvl 25-32 would have dropped health and died.

My reasoning for leaving. I don't like how Samsway is running the guild, and after tying things together and realizing Samsway isn't what I thought. ArucardDracula spent is time FOR End. Gave a lot to the guild and as an Officer was not appreciated or treated right. A few other officers would agree, I know that for a fact. On the other hand, Sorue. I did like you, I dont rage quit. The only thing I did quit was in fact LH with Mikhail, for the priest was failing her job and two others had decided to quit, I was going through something that would fail.

And for the fact Samsway was kicking Alts was fine. Had she been kick EVRYONES alts. And not just a few lower members.
On that note. I'm off.
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There it is.
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