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 Instance guides!

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Instance guides! Empty
PostSubject: Instance guides!   Instance guides! EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 4:28 pm

Here I will be posting links to guides for all the instances, so if you haven't been before and want to know how to do it, or just want to refresh your memory these should help. Fort Rotulor is easy and Emperor's Canyon it also simple to figure out so I'll start at Lost Lighthouse.

Gear Instances:

Note to add about Emperor's Canyon: If you kill all the mobs before the last boss you spawn Apophis.

Witten - Lost Lighthouse 30+:
Youtube - Lost Lighthouse:

Written - Arena of Souls 40+:
Youtube - Arena of Souls:

Written - Welkin Castle 50+:
Youtube - Welkin Castle: Part 1 Part 2

Written - Outer Ancestral Catacomb 60+:
Youtube - Outer Ancestral Catacomb:

Other Instances:
TOG 30+, Wraiths Castle 40+, Wraiths Castle 2 50+ and Water Prison 60+: They are all roughly the same, just different areas and levels. All require you to kill 4 bosses and then the last boss. When you get in there is a bunch of mobs, usually soul force is used on them. After each wave of mobs there is a boss, then a wave, etc. Pretty simple.

Creekbank Valley 30+: When you get in you can take a quest and a trap from the npc. The trap stuns the mobs so you can kill them, otherwise they run away. Each time you go in there are three areas to choose from, each one with a different type of pet to catch. After X amount of souls have been caught the boss spawns. There are a total of 4 bosses, one for each area and if you're fast enough to get them all down the 4th special boss in the middle. The mobs drop as pets, the bosses can too and the bosses drop pet skill books.
Normal Pets 30+: Wind puppet, Scarab and Khonem. Special boss is a plant, similar or the same as an Ectofruit.
Advanced Pets 50+: Spider, Tree and Bear. Special boss is a 'demon' cat.

Written - Nightmare Carnival 15+:
Youtube - Nightmare Carnival:

Advanced Nightmare Carnival 40+: One note, you only get rewards for the first run, so 1/3 and it resets on Sunday.

Gods Trial 20+:
There is also Advanced God's Trial where basically the pillars all spawn at once and you kill as a group. The pillars give buffs and the traps still spawn. Also you have a chance of extra bosses for extra gems. Mentor mode for someone who is 20 levels lower, ie 40 and 20. The higher level gets mentor points and a crit buff in the instance while the lower gets 20 purple crystals for extra exp. Once someone is 40 they can't be mentored, so a level 60+ still needs to find a 39 or less. Also for the first lowbie you get 30% crit chance and for two lowbies you get 60% crit chance. It stops at two.
Pillars and traps:
Fire - Attack increase pillar - Attack decrease and dmg trap
Water - Mana regen pillar - Mana drain and dmg trap
Wind - Movement speed increase pillar - Movement speed decrease and dmg trap
Earth - Defence increase pillar - Defence reduce and dmg trap
Dark - Crit chance increase pillar - Accuracy and evasion with dmg trap
Light - Health regen pillar - Remove all buffs and dmg trap

Written - Glistening Lowland 40+:
Youtube - Glistening Lowland:

LCS: This youtube link shows what it looks like but is missing the following info. Each mob and boss gives you courage which can be exchanged for epic buffs and awesome rewards. Each boss also drops a crystal which can also be exchanged for rewards, so check out the npcs for what you want to get. There should be a small bar above your quest log that shows courage, there is a bug where it doesn't show though. Overall, if you have a healer and it doesn't randomly go nuts it will be smooth.

Instance guides! Pbucket
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Instance guides!
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