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 Arucard Dracula's Dark-Vampire Build

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Arucard Dracula's Dark-Vampire Build Empty
PostSubject: Arucard Dracula's Dark-Vampire Build   Arucard Dracula's Dark-Vampire Build EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 2:32 pm

*This is my personal build for my Vampire, he specializes in DPS and damage infliction. Note that I do not waste any points on stun, purely DPS. Follow these specific build instructions to the letter. This will be updated as I continue further into my tree.

Demon of Darkness
-Max out all 5 points when available.
-Increases the chance that Dark Ripple, Seed of Darkness, Dark Contract, Wraith Kill, Mana Explosion, and Shadow Scar will activate Vampire Form by 10%.

Force of Shadow
-Max out all 5 points when available.
-Dark Ripple and Shadow Scar cost and additional of 2.5% of your max health and add that amount to their damages. This also increases the crit chance of Dark Ripple by 5%.

Spell Surge
-Max out all 2 points when available.
-reduces the cooldown of charmed strike by 0.5 seconds.

Advanced Dark Ripple
-Max out all 4 points when available.
-Reduces the cooldown of Dark Ripple by 2.0 second(s).

Expansion of Darkness
-(Don't worry about messing with this one until fully upgrading Mana Explosion).
-Increases the duration of Dark Curse by 5 seconds, also reduces target's accuracy by an additional 6%; max of 4 points.

Dark Strike
-Max out all 4 points when available.
-The first crit chance has 100% chance to stun target for 1 second; The second hit has a 50% chance to stun target; An additional 40% damage will be dealt to targets affected by Dark Curse.

Seed of Darkness
-Do not waste ANY points on this skill for being a truly DPS Vampire build; avoid all subsequent chain that deals with Seed of Darkness; Force of Darkness & Sprout.

Advanced Feast
-Another possible choice to unlock after Mana explosion.
-Increases the duration of Feast by 1 second; max of 3 points.

Darkness Invasion
-Max out all 5 points when available.
-Dark Ripple reduces the target's dark resistance by an additional 75 for a duration of 15 seconds; increases Dark Ripple's chance of inflicting the Dark Curse on target by 20% when cast out of Vampire Form.

-Best left for one of those last choices when maxed out; total of 4 points; Increases duration of Invigoration by 1.

Eyes of Darkness
-Max out all 3 points when available.
-The Accuracy of your Dark skills increased by 30.

Wraith Illusion
-Max out all 4 points when available.
-Increases the crit chance of Wrath Kill by 4% and reduces its cooldown by 4 second(s).

Contract Aftermath
-Another one of those parts of the tree that can be skipped;
-Dark Contract increases the target's evasion by 20 for 3 second(s).

Advanced Dark Bounds
-Another one of those parts of the tree that can be skipped;
-Increases the duration of Dark Bounds controlling effect on players for 2 seconds.

Vampire Power
-Max out all 3 points when available.
-Vampire form increases your attack by an additional 5%.

Mana Explosion
-The best skill/tree upgrade for AOE.
-Max out all 2 points when available.
-Affects multiple enemies within 10 meter range; Costs 1% of your max health; Deals 100% of your attack plus 1047; Same effect on curses as Wrath Kill; Vampire Form enhances the effects of Mana Explosion; has a 10% chance to activate Vampire Form.

Darkness Expertise
-Max out all 3 points when available.
-Increases Darkness Mastery by 15; Increases Darkness Mastery by 30.

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Arucard Dracula's Dark-Vampire Build
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