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 Speedtest Results

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Speedtest Results Empty
PostSubject: Speedtest Results   Speedtest Results EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 11:25 pm

1.) Go to
2.) Click Begin Test
3.) Wait for the test to conclude itself
4.) Click the green bar, "Share this result."
5.) Click the blue button titled, "Copy."
6.) Come to the forum here to post results...

Instruction for posting results:

A.) Type this as follows...

(Note: ignore the star, that's there so this posts and is visible. Put the link between both [img] brackets. Make sure that the backslash (/) is in front of the last img bracket code).

[ex]: [img] (insert link here) [/img*] Don't leave spaces, I did this for example purposes.

If you do all this correctly, it should look something like my result...

Speedtest Results 1400278246

Speedtest Results Alucardapproves
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Speedtest Results
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