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 My.. awkward.... build

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My.. awkward.... build Empty
PostSubject: My.. awkward.... build   My.. awkward.... build EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 6:19 am

Okay, here's what I have so far.
Would give you link but.. the talent cal thingy is broken..
So I will just right it down tt13 .. in the worst way can.

First of all.. if you feel it needs to be.. improved alittle... than tell me :D or you die...
Beware.... A lot of reading ahead..... for me anyway, lulz

Level 20: Rampage +1
Level 21: Rampage +1
Level 22: Lethal Lightning +1 (what? Why did you not finish Rampage? well because I wanted to get my Lightning Slash to have a cool down of 3 secs, it helps alot since it is strong)
Level 23: Lethal Lightning +1
Level 24: Lethal Lightning +1
Level 25: Lightning Mystery +1 (Now that we have the prerequisite out of the way, we can max-out Lightning Mystery to get Lightning Slash's cool down to 3 seconds! This is of course, taking into account that you're always going to be in "Frenzy Stance III," and as such, your cool down for Lightning Slash will already be reduced by 4 seconds, taking it from 10 seconds, down to 6 seconds. Then, max Lightning Mystery will further reduce that by another 3 seconds, giving you the final cool down of 3 seconds!Upon completing this, you should notice your Damage-Dealing ability shoot up quite a bit! This will begin to make you a formidable opponent, as well as a very valuable single-target Damage-Dealer in instances. In addition, this should get your ability to steal, and hold, aggro up quite a bit. After you've finished lowering Lightning Slash's cool down, put your next 3 points into Rampage to max it out, thus boosting your overall damage ability from all your skills, and making you hit all that much harder, as well as helping you hold and keep aggro, should you need to. (which you will as a warrior, you'll find yourself tanking, no matter what) Above all, again, part of Rampage's attack boost is a percent, which means, the higher you level and the higher your attack goes, the more the Rampage talent on Frenzy Stance will benefit you by boosting your attack!)
Level 26: Lightning Mystery +1
Level 27: Lightning Mystery +1 (MAX)
Level 28: Rampage +1
Level 29: Rampage +1
Level 30: Rampage +1 (MAX) (finished this.....)
Level 31: Warsong Mastery +1
Level 32: Warsong Mastery +1
Level 33: Warsong Mastery +1 (MAX)
Level 34: Warsong of Rampage +1
Level 35: Warsong of Rampage +1
Level 36: Warsong of Rampage +1 (MAX) (Lol? you stupid Syro, Why didn't you put any points in threatening Roar or howl? Well first of all the range is way to short to be used. and before you can even cast it the assassin will probably have probably attacked before you could have had the chance to use this. As they have that.... hoping thing they do to like go close to there targets.... idk the name.... and since you won't have divine uphold to save you, since you casting that, you're pretty much dead aswell.. Also the buffs aren't that good if you want to use it on players, -80 def is like an extra 75 damage on players... Warsong of Rampage on the other hand increases your attack from warcry by 60 plus 1.5 base damage. If you do the math... yes there's math.... Warsong is much better. One more thing..... you can put threatening roar sometime later... as I will.... put it down)
Level 37: Storm Mastery +1
Level 38: Storm Mastery +1
Level 39: Storm Mastery +1
Level 40: Leaf Dance +1 (why only 3 points in Storm mastery? Well because now you have a chance to improve your lightning slash by another %3 ... which is a good thing :D)
Level 41: Leaf Dance +1
Level 42: Leaf Dance +1
Level 43: Leaf Dance +1 (MAX) Ah, Leaf Dance... After maxing this, this is the first time you begin to become "overpowered." Basically, any attack buffing, and Wind Mastery buffing you've done to this point, was done just to get you down to where you could max Leaf Dance, and so that when you got down to Leaf Dance, and maxed it, it would be all-the-more devastating. At max, Leaf Dance gives your LS an extra 2% critstrike rate for each stack of Frenzy Stance. And since you're in three stacks of Frenzy stance, that's +6% critstrike rate for LS, which you'll be throwing every 3 seconds! If you have the base 8% critstrike rate, that gives your LS a critstrike rate of 14%! Then, you'd increase that by any other critstrike rate buffs you'd have. (like from Goldspark gems) Keep in mind, this is the critstrike rate of EACH HIT. Lightning Slash is a TWO HIT skill.
Level 44: Storm Mastery +1 (MAX) (happy now?)
Level 45: Thunder Storm: +1
Level 46: Thunder Storm: +1
Level 47: Thunder Storm: +1
Level 48: Thunder Storm: +1 (MAX) (I'm tired of typing)
Level 49: Exorcism +1 //Threatening Roar +1 (in here you can put Threatening Roar as your PvP thingy....)
Level 50: Thunder Struck +1
Level 51: Thunder Struck +1 (MAX)
Level 52: Exorcism +1 //Bleeding Touch +1
Level 53: Exorcism +1 //Bleeding Touch +1
Level 54: Exorcism +1 (MAX)//Bleeding Touch +1 (MAX)
Level 55: Soul of Dragon +1
Level 56: Soul of Dragon +1 (MAX)
Level 57: Blade of Reflection +1
That's all I have....
P.S. My sword is much bigger than yours :D
P.P.S Don't like it? too bad
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My.. awkward.... build
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