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 Edge sins 101

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PostSubject: Edge sins 101   Edge sins 101 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 11:06 pm

The basics can be found in the fuller guides posted in my personal guide section, but just to reiterate, a sin is single target DPS, and "new age crowd control." This classes' sole purpose in the pve server, is to kill, and kill it fast. Having said that, the priority of the trees is as follows: Venom -> Boss killers, Edge -> Versatile DPS (good for pve and pvp), and Dark -> PKers. Beyond the priorities of the trees themselves, there's the racial differences, being that the edge and dark trees change dramatically depending on if you're a human or a kindred. Because of the racial differences, the better of the two, as far as trees goes, is as follows: kin veno > human veno, human edge > kindred edge, and kin dark > human shadow - yes they changed the name of the tree... no idk why. And last but not least, the order of server efficiency for the builds is: kin veno > human edge > kin dark. See other guides if this makes you QQ, but it's true.

If you put in the time and effort as I did, you'll find that venos actually have the same talents as opposed to the other trees, so the reason they would always come out on top is because of the racial skill actually. No'one actually uses ALL masteries, so under equal conditions, a kin will always come out on top because of: 1. we can silence the target, to be countered by the humans status break, which negates those skills entirely, however, our skill will also heal us, while the human skill will restore mana instead. 2. human mastery buff increases ALL mastery by 5%, where the kindred one increases dark and fire mastery by 15%. ALL of the venom skills that pertain to the tree and the build, are dark, so effectively we increase our mastery by 15%, while a human increases it by 5%.

Having touched on that topic, I'll move on to the meat of the post...

As requested, here's the Edge sin guide, as I would suggest it.

As stated before, your role here on our server is crowd control, so keep in mind this is based for a pve play style. Moving on, there are 3 builds to each tree, ie; veno can be pure boss killer (ftfw), pvp DoT dmg, or hybrid - dark/shadow is pvp, but it has the EVA build, shadow build for rapid shadow effect, or a hybrid. So the edge tree is our tricky one, because it's already the hyrbid of the two trees. Inside this tree you'll find high cap dmg and crit rates, decent consistency, and effective pvp skills. This guide will focus on the cap dmg and consistency for the pve server, so play with the talents as you wish to customize your own edge build, but this will be effective for your base.

Starting out, you will have the same foundation as any sin, you can maximize dmg with agony orbs, DoT targets with finishing strikes, raise your crit chance/dmg with blast orbs, etc... Your worst con to an edge build is that your dmg will always be lower than a veno or a good dark because your orbs will be, at best, 2 before you use your finishing strikes, which reset them. To remedy your low dmg, you have extremely high crit dmg, and higher crit chance, so to compete in the DPS struggle, we'll exaggerate those strong points - write that down...

Varying with play style, the gems will be most effective as follows: PVP edge build - tier 1, ragefires / tier 2, mistshrouds (ewww >< I said it) / and tier 3, a nice combination of goldsparks and blood/solar. For PVE edge build - tier 1, ragefires / tier 2, goldsparks/bloods / tier 3, solarflares. For hybrids - tier 1, talent compass.

Starting out with your talents, for this build, you'll want to max out your Seal Thorn talent to increase your base dmg and orb generation. Reason for this, is with this build you'll have minimal team efficiency - DoTs, debuffs, etc... - because this really isnt the tree to be a team player (see veno build guide), and your main orbs have different effects on the targets, which focus more with the cap dmg/crit chance. Moving on, as you go down the tree branches, you'll mainly want to focus on those key talents, and ignore the status effect increases, so the next priority should be Keen Eye and/or Dark Shadow, and rather than coming back to your slow effect later, increasing the first tier's finishing strike talent, Final Seal, instead. Reason for this is that this is still a pve server, so having this talent will increase your team efficiency, while still keeping your focus on the cap dmg/crit chance. By the time you can finally move on, Gouge should be your priority because it will give another VERY powerful skill at your disposal, while at the same time increasing your orb generation. Since you can only increase this by one point per group of lvls, you'll then want to move to your first crit chance talent, Thrust, and max it. Once again, you'll have talents to spare and play with, so I would recommend increasing your finishing strike talent just a little more.

Here's where the tricky part comes in, because the 4th tier in this branch is completely useless to this build, so your "play" points will play a large role here. To move past the 4th tier, you need 20 points into your tree already (5 points per tier), so if you've chosen the talents I've recommended, you'll be fine, but if you haven't, you'll be creating a hybrid hybrid role, which i can't offer much advice to because I'm biased to them and disagree entirely... you're on your own if you do that. Anyway, the next tier has some shiny stuff to it, so first off, you'll want to max out Advanced Gouge, and then ASAP, max out Seal Knowledge, and by this time, you'll start to see a significant difference from your crit dmg compared to others - even other sins. Moving on, you'll IMMEDIATELY want to max out your Nightmare Seal talent, as it is possibly the most important talent on the tree. This will give significant chance for both of your finishing strikes to be used, activate, and take effect on the mob (as normal) WITHOUT consuming your orbs when you use it. This is key to your build on any sin, because your orbs are a large number of your DPS, regardless of build. Once you have this maxed out, it's just a jump to the left (... ya that just happened) and max out your Sharpened Blade, for higher dmg on your most potent orb skill.

Next tier is another tricky one, because they both look good, but I can't stress how important it is to KEEP YOUR FOCUS. You are NOT a veno/dark sin, so status effects are NOT your priority, so choose Ruthlessness, and move on. In the next tree, again, they all look pretty, but Compound Blades, and Secret Art - Blast are your main focus here. This will effectively increase both of your finishing strikes' damage by 20%, crit chance by 2%, and make orbs available at the START of the battle, rather than having to build them up, as opposed to increasing 1 finishing strike's dmg by 20%, and increasing the time that the target is silenced. The next tier is similar to tier 4, in that the skills may be useful to certain builds and play styles, but it is almost useless to this build, so ignore both of those talents and hope you have 5 talents left for the last tier. Here you'll want to max out Intensified Aggression first, and then move to Shadow Spikes, because: 1. Again, you're NOT playing to be a team player here, it's all about your cap dmg, and killing it fast, so reducing its max health doesn't help in hurting it more after its already been whacked for a few rounds. and 2. The main problem with sins' DPS on our server is they are NOT consistent. By this of course I mean that they like to hit VERY hard, but only 3 or 4 times, while a pro sin will hit good numbers, ALL THE TIME, regardless of build. This is also why a veno sin will always take the cake from an edge sin in instances, while the edge sin will laugh at the veno sin's lack of power, and prowess in pvp.

So to close, if you follow this build, you'll have 6 "play points" and should be able to max both of the end game talents... yea, you pricks get the luxury of having both lol. You'll have maximum fighting force for your build while lacking a bit of speed, you'll have a VERY good structure for versatility in pvp and pve, you'll be able to bring a nice sunday punch to any instance, including the arena, while at the same time maintaining as much consistency as possible. And lastly, as I've stated before in all guides, these are meant for recommendation ONLY. I'll not tell you what to do with your play style, gear, gems, or character - YOU are master behind the character, and your style will differ from mine, so good luck with making your character your own, and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

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Edge sins 101
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