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 Blood Build guide

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PostSubject: Blood Build guide   Blood Build guide EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 6:16 am

I know most of you have seen me as is a Protector, but I have also played a Vamp to lvl 56.

To Start off I don't do guides often. If I don't break it down far enough is cause I do expect you to understand a little about the game and or figure things out for yourself. So here it goes.

If you picked a Vampire good for you. They are the most flex able char in the game. They are meant to BACK UP HEAL, and support the group in anyway that is needed of them. Back up healing means keep the Main Healer (MH) alive and heal others if MH is getting over whelmed. MH is generally a priest or could be a fellow vamp (probably blood vamp). If there is not a MH then guess what it does not matter what talent you choose it is your job to at least make sure your tank stays alive. One last thing before i get to the talents, and that is Vampire mode for each talent it can help you differently. Invigoration is a heal spell that is missed used alot. This spell only heals if your Target is attacking. To use this spell when in Dead time or target is not fighting mob is useless.

Now to get in to the talents. There are 3: Blood (the one i will do most of the talking about), Inferno ( i can do a little talking about) and Dark


This will be your Healing Talent. Which means this is the one that helps your healing abilities and not so much your Damage per Second (DPS). Vampire mode in this talent helps you crit on your heals more. Since you are a Blood Vampire remember all your talents should go to making you heal better. I will list the talents and then tell you what i think of them with my experience.

Tier 1
Blood Demon: This one increases your chance to go into vampire mode with your heal spells and Sigil. it is good if you find you have extra points.
Blood Sign: this one makes your main attack spell for Blood talent heal you more this is good since your main heal takes your health from you.

Tier 2
Extended Charm Strike: Charm strike spell is only good if your not being hit and if your in vampire mode i have found it to be very useless and unreliable in PvE.
Advanced Vampire's Sigil: this will Reduce the Cool Down (CD) of your Vampire's Sigil (VS) spell means more damge and more heals for you good too have.
Evil Blood: This one is self explanatory i will say this much i don't use this talent at all. did once but found no major difference.

Tier 3
Bloody Evil Strike: This one helps Charm strike spell as I said before I Never could find a good use for it in PvE.
Seed of Life(SoF): This is your Second Heal spell that only you get it has a 5s delay witch is good for healing the tank why you use Dark Contract (DC) to heal the group.
Blood Knowledge: This one reduces all Healing spells mana cost if you don't mind wasting pots use the 3 points for something else. Remember you will be back up healer and MH alot.

Tier 4
Advanced Dark Contract: This one is awesome it does 2 things for you makes the CD of DC shorter. Means more casts and 2 makes DC heal for more.
Insignia Energy: This one helps with your DPS of the VS so it can be good but just remember what I said your job is.

Tier 5
Batwing Shadow: This Talent is to help you RUN away if you plan to do that alot and get snared alot i wouldn't worry about it
Force of Life: Here you will Increase the Healing amount and crit chance of your SoF. Improves your healing
Blood Feast: Remember running way this spell will make it so you don't have to run it will increase the heal affect of Blood Feast and your defense why Feast is active. This can save your butt and you can save the groups butt.

Tier 6
Blood Link: This will give your target more attack while Invigoration is active so yes can be good to do with the rest of the Line.
Blood Tie: This one has 2 Effects one it will make your Vampire form's healing even better and 2 when a mob is killed while you are in Vampire form you get healed for free. (it has to be within a few lvls of you)
Night Escape: This one is to lower the agro you get from healing. I will tell you this, if your Tank can not keep the agro off you when your healing you have a Very Poor group.

Tier 7
Bestow Life: This one is part of the Invigoration line it will increase your targets max hp while Invigoration is active again good. It is up to you if you want to go down this Line
Blood Pact: This now will increase your Healing Crits while you are in Vampire Form i say that is good since your a healer Class.
Bloody Evil Death: This one increases the Damage done and with Wrath Kill by 1% of your max health per point.

Tier 8
Blood Curse: This is your lvl 55 skill for Blood tree it is another AoE and Can realy help if you have Aoers in the rgroup.
Improved Wrath Kill: This one will make wrath kill cause a Damage over Time (DoT) which is good agro over time.

Tier 9
Fresh Blood: This one will increase the Healing Effect of Invigoration. more heal but has to have Bestow Life at 1
Stagnate: This one makes Blood Curse helpfull in PvP or where you have one mob healing another.

Tier 10
Extended Bloodwork: This one increase the Duration of Vampire form when activated by a Blood Spell IE your healing spells and VS
Hasted Healing:This lowers the long CD of SoF so this can be very helpfull.
Ritual Time: This one Raises the Healing Effect of your 2 main healing spells DC and SoF.
Surging Blood: This one increases your max HP and MP

This took longer than i expected so i will do the other 2 Trees another Day. I didn't mention points, because I am not here to tell you how to play a vampire. Just hopefully make you better at it.
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Blood Build guide
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