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 Fakie's Protector Guide! v1

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Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 Empty
PostSubject: Fakie's Protector Guide! v1   Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 8:24 am

-----Fakie's Guide------

Hey Everyone! If your reading this guide than you obviously want to know and understand your class a lot more. This guide will explain everything you need to know about this class. I will explain everything from the class it self to understanding the mechanics of the skills in this class.

[1. ------Class Introductions------]

In order to begin really understanding the Protector class, you need to understand what kind of class this is. The main job of a protector is usually a tank that generates aggro all the time and relies on damage reduction to help take all the hits that are needed throughout the game. Tanking is not the only thing a protector can do (marble spec being one of the three tree's this class has), they can also support and be a heavy hitting damage dealer as well. It really just all depends on what tree you choose to go down and where you allocate your points on the tree that you choose.

-Marble Tree-

This is the main tree that most protectors go down because it's the main tanking tree of the game. The entire idea of this tree is to hold aggro, reduce damage, and take hits. It is to be understood right away that the DPS of this tree is the lowest in game but its one the most important class's in the game. There's not many skills that they have to rotate with but done in the right way this class can dominate in both the PvE and PvP environment.

-Granite Tree-

This tree is all about supporting the party in the form of enhanced healing effect and resistance buffs. This tree has the ability to buff just about every mastery and towards end game can even take people out of stun's, sleeps, and snares. This will prove to be useful in both pve and pvp considering that both mobs and players are affected by higher resistance and the ability to take people out of snares. This build is a bit rough in the start but if you can get this to end game you will one of the most important class's in an end game instance

-Diamond Tree-

This tree is all about damage from all different sides. Also known as the 'glass cannon' spec for this race the diamond tree offers a ton of heavy hitting attacks that will shake anyone to the bones. It's all about stuns, heavy hits, and more stuns. Later on this class gets AOE stuns and Reflects damage so that will play perfect for pvp whether it be single duels or faction verse faction.

That is just an over view of all three tree's for a Protector. This guide is going to concentrate on of the Marble tree and the others will be added later as more solid research is done on them. Marble being the most important i decided to start with his tree. (also helps considering I am marble build XD)

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Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fakie's Protector Guide! v1   Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 8:24 am

--------------2. Understanding Tanking in Forsaken World--------------

There seems to be a big mis understanding of how the tanking happens to work in this game. In most games tanks are usually just all taunts and buffs but in this forsaken world they went with a different route. The tanks in this game are all about Damage Reduction and Aggro Over Time. So the main idea is your gonna get hit for a lot less than most class's and your going to be a lot easier to heal. Withe very passing minute you are gaining an over all base aggro and you also generate aggro per hit/skill. (also called bonus aggro) With a good rotation you should be able to hold aggro on any single target in the game. Aoe aggro doesn't get efficient till 55+ so don't worry about that for a while. Your not the only one not being able to hold group aggro as good as you would like to. (For those who don't know a rotation is the order you spam your skills in i.e. Taunt > Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Taunt)

Jumping into this class thinking " I tanked in WoW, I should be fine!" is going to get you and your entire party destroyed. That is why I made a section just for explaining the type of tank this is.

---------------------3. Marble Build---------------------

Considering that the Protectors don't have many skills to begin with our talent tree is really where all of our power comes from. So pay close attention to your build and how it applies in a party.

***This is a build based off my experience and research into this class***

In order:

Art Of Guardians (5)
Code of taunt (3)
Abominable Will (3)
Mass Taunt (1) *i will explain why later and an alt route on the tree*
Spirit of Rocks (3) *than at end game you add the last point if you choose*
Stone Skin (4)
Faith of Protection (3)
Protection Fortify (4)
Light of Belief (3)
Fire Power Coverage (2)
Guardian Boulder (3)
Whirl Wind Blessing (1)
UpHeavel (2)
Magma Burst (2)
Whirl Wind Blessing (1)
Heart Of Sent (2)
Tent of Rocks (3)
Protection Mastery (3)
Energy of the Land (2)

Leaving you with 11 extra points which you could max two skills from other tree's. I would suggest Rage of Mind considering it boosts attack (bonus aggro) and the duration of Mental Focus which is your aggro generator. Than you could Ode of Light for self healing or Extreme fury from the diamond tree for more damage.

For the Mass Taunt: The mass taunt doesn't really generate any aggro it just keeps the mobs attacking you for a certain amount of time. It is more of a last minute savior than a spam skill considering the cool down is at 120 secs. If you do choose to go down that way and use your 10 extra points you'll get it down to a one minute cool down and take away i believe up 90 extra acc. It's up to you if you choose to go down that path.

For Spirit of Rocks: I left it at 3/4 because in PvP and PvE i found it to be more than enough. I'd rather save that point for end game when i get the two extra skills.
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Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fakie's Protector Guide! v1   Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 8:25 am

-----------------4. Rotations---------------------

This is where the dirty work comes into play. The Protectors are extremely rotation dependent. You will lose aggro SO quick from a good DPS if you don't know your rotations and that is something that you do not want. I will list a few rotations for different situations that will help out a lot.

* Mobs *

Attacking mobs isn't too crazy in this game for a Protector. If you have all of your buffs on and have some decently refined gear. (see my guide for refining armor)

Level 39 and under:
Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Taunt > Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Force of Fury > Counter Strike > Taunt > Hard Smash ...Rinse and Repeat

Level 40 and over:
Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Taunt > Earth Rift > Counter Strike > Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Earth Rift > Force of Fury...Rinse and Repeat

Those two rotations should be more than enough to help you destroy mobs. Things to note: Watch out for earth rift because you don't want to pull more than you can handle. I put taunt in because it reduces damage as well and that is always good. Counter Strike is going to be your major saving key because it helps you gain fury and puts up your defense. Don't worry about the attack reduction, it will not mater.

* Boss's *

This is where your rotation really matters. There is pretty much only one rotation for boss's. There are some skills that come in depending on situation so keep that in mind. Mass taunt and Earth rift depend on the situation considering you have to pay attention to how many adds the boss spawns. This is also only after you put on all your buffs and always pay attention to your buffs during the fight. Apply them as needed.

Taunt > Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Taunt > Counter Strike > Hard Smash > Taunt > Counter Strike

You need to keep that going at all times so you can pretty much keep the aggro on you over all.
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Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fakie's Protector Guide! v1   Fakie's Protector Guide! v1 Empty

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Fakie's Protector Guide! v1
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