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 Rebel Against Society by John Rojas

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PostSubject: Rebel Against Society by John Rojas   Rebel Against Society by John Rojas EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 1:08 pm

I walk around with my eye's on my back
Cause this world doesn't allow mistakes
I can't allow society to sneak up on me
Cause I know truth's that others don't

I understand what it means to be alone
Cause society decided to due away
With all that is different in this world
Just so a few guys can make a few quick bucks

It's unbelieveable the change in this world
How intelligence was traded for popularity
And common sense was traded for fixed media
The fact that this society is going backwards
As the times are going foward just as fast

With wars and genocide going on around us
People ignore it cause the news said so
If you don't see it on tv than why listen
Cause the power of thinking was destroyed

But there are still a few of us left here
Slowly rebeling against all that is the same
Using our minds to battle against society's sword
I read, I write, I think, I create. So sue me?
I will not break down to this society's blade
I will not give in to the media's deciet
I will not kill cause a man in a suit said so

I will keep on thinking.
I will keep on creating.
I will keep on writing.

I won't change for anyone
I will only be on person
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Rebel Against Society by John Rojas
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