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 Fakie ftw ;D

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Fakie ftw ;D Empty
PostSubject: Fakie ftw ;D   Fakie ftw ;D EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 5:24 am

Well, My name is John Rojas and i'm from Staten Island, New York City! I like long walks on the beach, night talks wi...just kiddin XD I'm a hardcore gamer who loves to do his thang! I love games, movies, music, anime, computers, and pretty much anything else that makes someone a nerd. I've been playing MMO's for pretty much half of my life and i love every damn second of it. I do what I can for my guildies and that is all that really matters. Anime is one of my other obsessions and i enjoy every single second of that as well, so for any of those anime freaks out there as well feel free to hit me up about that. I'm a pretty laid back dude and i'm a straight type of guy which is all you pretty much need to know!

Fakie ftw ;D Badass-1

I guess you can call me the guild tank so if any you need anything let a brother know! ;D Well that's pretty much all i need for this so see you ingame!

Fakie ftw ;D Badass
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Fakie ftw ;D
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