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 A couple poems...

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PostSubject: A couple poems...   A couple poems... EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 5:39 am

Uhhhh, I normally don't post these things but!

My favorite one I wrote many years ago:

A rose so sweet, a rose so beautiful
Your thorns protect, for you’re fragile
I protect you by your side as I am but a thorn
A thorn that will always protect you
When you’re picked, I will be at your side
To pierce their skin, and single blood drop forms
You fall, the blood drop falls
For I am a simple thorn, made to protect you
I have failed, now you’re weltering on the ground
Pedal by pedal I watch you die; now I am here
On your side, in life and death…

And I wrote this one just the other day after being awake for 22hrs after someone inspired me:

With the love and passion in your heart
People who meet you wouldn't know where to start
A simple hello and handshake
Can lead to so much more
Til one day they soon see
How truly amazing it is with you
As much as they can try to explain
The best description of it is as simple as
When you wrap your arms tight around me
All I can feel is the warmth and safety
Looking into your beautiful eyes
Everything just slowly fades away
With the laugh and smile you have
Each time makes the world shine
Every day that you're around
All the big and small things are serene
For all the things you do for me
The best thing I can do in return
Is to be there for you in anything
And show how much I really care

A couple poems... Pbucket
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A couple poems... Empty
PostSubject: Re: A couple poems...   A couple poems... EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 10:18 am

These are very nice. :3

I like them.

I wish I had my old poem book but that was sadly lost on my old computer.


I guess I'll have to pick up pen and ink and get to writing again...

A couple poems... Alucardapproves
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A couple poems...
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