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 Mouse hunt!

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Mouse hunt! Empty
PostSubject: Mouse hunt!   Mouse hunt! EmptySat Jul 09, 2011 7:15 pm

The first End event that's gonna happen is Mouse Hunt!

It's basically like hide and seek but I'll be transformed into a, well, mouse!


Basically it's a normal hide and seek event. I will be saying in guild chat three clues over time to have you guess where I am. The first person to find me and trade me get the prize! There will be multiple rounds so multiple winners! Remember though, you will be looking for a mousey! If any rule is found broken that would be a disqualification for that round and you can join in on the next. Also, if someone I know has shown me the spot, they are disqualified for the round as well.


- We all start at the same place and time
- No mounts, no speed buffs, full stop
- No trying to confuse/sabotage people =P that's just not nice

Date and time:

Tuesday at 17:00 server time.


There will be 7 rounds, each round is 2 mercs!


To be announced.

Mouse hunt! Pbucket
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Mouse hunt!
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