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 Ventrillo set-up

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PostSubject: Ventrillo set-up   Ventrillo set-up EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 8:09 pm

This post is designed to help any of you who wish to use ventrilo to enhance your gaming experience. it will be a simple step by step instructions to setting up your ventrilo.

First, what is ventrilo?
ventrilo is a free VoIP program (voice over ip) which will allow users to talk and listen in real time through their mic and headset to other users in that channel.

Where to get ventrilo?
you can download ventrilo at
click on the 32bit client, download and install.

Once all that is done, open your ventrilo and follow this step by step instruction:

Step 1: create a user name
Click on the -> next to user name and click new. input your ingame character name and then click ok. leave everything else blank and click ok.

Step 2: setting up server
click on the -> next to server and click new. input End and click ok.
after copy and paste the following into the respected area.

leave everything else as is and click ok.

Step 3: Setting up your ventrilo setting
click on the setup button on the right side of your ventrilo client. On the white area under hotkey, the default hotkey is left ctrl. if u want to change it, left mouse click on it and press any key u want to set as ur hotkey.
after, check on use direct sound for both input and output devices.
select default directsound device if you don't know what the other stuff means.
Next set up ur outbound and inbound. outbound mean how loud ur mic will be. if u know ur mic is really quiet, put outbound to 10, if u know it's really loud, keep it at 0 or lower it to -1 or -2. (change accounting to how other users hear u). the inbound is how loudly u hear other people. i usually keep that as 0 and turn my own volume up or down accountingly but u can mess around with that if u so wish.
when everything is done click ok.

now u r done with ur basic setup of ventrilo. click connect to connect to the guild ventrilo and enjoy the experience.

i'm talking but other ppl can't hear me?
first, are you holding down the hotkey while u talk. in other to talk, u must hold down your hotkey until u r finished. check your mic to c if it's is plug correctly.

i can't talk while i'm in game?
run ventrilo as admin. right click on ur ventrilo icon and run as admin. u must close ur current ventrilo window and reopen it after it's done.

one user is really quiet while other users are really loud, how can i fix it?
right click on the user, go to miscellaneous, go to special effect, click on volume, click add, adjust % accountingly.

more help can be found online, or simply connect into the server and ask ingame or on ventrilo for more help.

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Ventrillo set-up
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